We are the Merrifields

If you found this site then you must be a Merrifield yourself or you're looking for information on one (in which case I know nothing about that thing with the guy who did the bit where the girl got the other thing... I just read it in the paper, I look nothing like the guy... erm).

What ever the case is, it doesn't really matter, there's nothing much here for you to see just yet.

Points of interest (or not)

I've wanted this domain for a really long time. Until recent years it's been a real pain in the butt to get .ca domains because Canadians are kind of like that, difficult. And finding decent registrars for .ca has always been like buying drugs in a back alley near Jane and Finch; you never know if you're getting the real stuff or if your being taken for a ride... not that I have ever bought drugs... or stray dogs, in case that was your next question.

Now that GoDaddy carries .ca names... well... here you go. I now have the domain I always wanted. My personal data still had to touch the databases if CIRA *shudder*, but hey, at least they have a cool looking web site now.

So why isn't there anything here if I wanted it so bad? Well, it means that I have to move one of my websites over here and I don't have time for that foolishness right now. At some point my niece will want her own website because she's getting to that age... my son already has one which I'll have to move over here... and someday in the not-so-distant future, my daughters will be old enough for their own websites, and since I'll never let them out of their rooms they will need to have something constructive to apply themselves to.

Who are the Merrifields?

It is said that surnames came about based of where you live, were born or owned land. Surnames weren't commonly used but did come in handy from time to time, say when Robert of Oxford bumped into Robert of Cornwall and by some off chance onlookers couldn't tell them apart. They could have used name tags, but Robert and Robert are spelled the so same the next best thing was to announce themselves at the beginning of each sentence, as though speaking in the third person.

"Robert of Cornwall would like a large double-double"

"Robert of Oxford begs to know whether Robert of Cornwall wouldst like that half-fat or skim?"

And speaking of Cornwall, there was a small community there that went by the name of Merryfield, so back in the day, if you happened to be a resident of, were born in or owned land in Merryfield, then you were So-and-so of Merryfield. Thankfully they had the common sense to drop the "of" part after a few generations because Adam of Merryfield just sounds pompous or pretentious or some other p-word that sounds all puffed up.

So, due to phonetical differences in regional pronunciations, the passage of a few hundred years and probably a pint or two from time to time, Merryfield became Meryfeld or Merefield or Maryfield and so on... but the genuine article is still Merrifield in my books. The rest of you can sulk in a corner and wish your name was as cool as ours...

I hope you enjoyed my brief, not-so-well researched and slightly less then informed historical account of the how Merrifields came to be.

OK, go away already!

This is not all that interesting. In fact it is as boring as snot. You must have better things to do by now, like work, or take the kids to soccer or doing something meaningful like folding origami shelters for homeless kittens. There are no more tasty morsels of information to be had here, no little juicy nuggets of insight as to why this sight even exists. I don't have to tell you if I don't want to so don't bother asking.

I'm not being short with you, it's just that you're looking over my shoulder and poking your nose into my business like I invited you here. I mean it's nice that you found the place and being as some of my family come from the east coast, I am all for drop in guests (I'll even put a pot of tea on for you), but you keep scrolling and scrolling like you're waiting for something fun to happen like one of those animated gifs of a cat swinging in a hammock.

This is it though... for now... there is nothing else here worth hanging around for so get going. Go to Timmies and get a coffee or something, take walk in a park, take the dog for crap...

I've got a luverly bunch coconuts... tweedily-doo... see them all there standing in a row... tweedily-doo... big ones, small ones, some as big as your head...

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